Have your dream logo designed

Welcome to our logo design process that has been structured from the ground up to give you best experience and the logo of your dreams.

We believe the logo of your dreams isn't something that designed on the first try, has a few small adjustments and is done. But more so a series of rounds of our designers creating multiple logos and your eye defining which one is perfect for you.

We'll show you the process below.

First Step - Designing Logos

Not just one logo or two, but 4 or more logos will be created for you after consultation to fit your taste and let you see different styles that may work with your brand. This is important so you can envision it in different ways and aren’t stuck creatively with adjusting one logo. Creativity and imagination starts with having options and we never want to limit your choices.

This image is an example of five different logos created for a Hemp Company.

Unlimited Revisions

We aren’t kidding around when we take on the job of building you a logo. Whether you need different variants¬† or color adjustments we can get one done with out adding costs to the job. Along with that we can get you lined up with all the necessary business materials like Cards, Letterheads, Social media posts to debut the logo, and banners to update your pages.

Want to talk details?

We're more than happy to answer questions or be your guide to the next step
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